EZ Camping Packages

EZ Camping Packages

Uber Great EZ Camping Package: SOLD OUT
$2,250 for one bed, $2,500 for two beds
Check in 5/22/2014  Check out 5/26/2014


  • 4 nights stay in our premium and limited on site camping accommodation for up to 4 people

  • Full size bed or (2) full size beds complete with a real mattress and fresh linens

  • Indoor furniture and lighting

  • Personal cooler with complimentary morning ice deliveries

  • Power outlets and a skinny mirror

  • Complimentary shower tokens

  • 2 LIB reusable water bottles

  • Full access to The Lush Lounge which offers:

  • Complimentary snacks and drinks

  • Ultra comfortable seating

  • Private restrooms

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Really Good EZ Camping Package: SOLD OUT
$1,000 for one or two cots
Check in 5/22/2014  Check out 5/26/2014


  • 4 nights stay in a fully pitched springbar canvas tent for up to 2 people

  • 1 queen size inflatable cot (OR) 2 twin size inflatable cots

  • Pillows and sleeping bags

  • 2 LIB reusable water bottles

  • Full access to the Lush Lounge, which offers:

  • Complimentary snacks and drinks

  • Ultra comfortable seating

  • Private Restrooms

What is LIB EZ Camping?Lightning in a Bottle EZ Camping offers you options for a comfortable fuss-free festival experience where many of your accommodation needs are taken care of, so all you have to do is concentrate on catching your favorite music, making the next yoga class, and taking in the magical experience that is Lightning in Bottle.Located away from the main campsites, EZ Camping allows you enjoy everything the festival has to offer while still being able to escape the crowds to relax and re-charge, before hitting the buzzing stages again. Within the EZ Campsite is the Lush Lounge, a private hospitality area that offers  restrooms and ultra comfortable seating to relax those dancing feet.

With EZ camping, your spacious tent will be setup before your arrival, equipped with the comfy essentials. We offer two packages to choose from with amenities ranging from the basic camping necessities to luxury festival living at its finest.  Some of the features you can look forward to with EZ camping include REAL beds or cots, fresh linens or sleeping bags, indoor furniture and lighting, showers, LIB gear, full-length mirrors, power outlets, and coolers with ice delivered daily.

Food is sold all over the festival but we encourage you to bring your favorite snacks and beverages to keep in your tent for easy snacking and late night cravings.

For more information please email ezcamping@thedolab.com. Tickets to the festival not included in EZ Camping packages.

Customizable RV Packages
Looking for accommodations a bit more lavish? If tent camping isn’t your jam, then don't worry; we've got you covered!  With LIB’s Customizable RV Packages we’ll take all the prep, planning, and stress out of your weekend so all you’ll need to think about is showing up ready to experience everything LIB has to offer!Upon arrival to the festival you’ll be escorted to your own personal RV, equipped with air conditioning, warm beds, shower, toilet, and stocked full of your favorite snacks and drinks ready to go!

To begin building you're customized Lightning in a Bottle RV experience please contact ezcamping@thedolab.com for further details. Spots limited. 

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