Trash In Campgrounds

LIB is a “Leave it better, Leave it Beautiful” event. That means that you take your trash out with you and help us leave the venue better than when you arrived. This isn’t the kind of festival where you trash the place and rely on festival staff to pick it up for you. LIB tries to create awareness and encourage people to take care of the communities that they live in and the planet they live on.

The best way to do this is to plan ahead and bring as little trash as possible. Last year there was way too much trash left in the campgrounds after the festival. Our team works tirelessly to create something magical for everyone and at the end of it we are stuck cleaning up your trash. We create a community together and we set ourselves apart by working with you and not for you. We all have to take responsibility for ourselves and our community which means learning and living by our “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful” policy.

EZ Camping Packages

This year Lightning in a Bottle will be offering all inclusive camping packages for a fuss-free LIB experience.  For the full list of packages available please visit the tickets page here.

There will be showers in the campgrounds for a fee. Bring a towel and some biodegradable soap.

This year campfires will be allowed in designated areas. Some of the camping areas have existing fire pits and only in those pits can we allow fires. If you do not have an existing fire pit the can be ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN FIRES.

If you are unsure about whether you can have a fire please ask a campground manager or Ranger before starting one.

Cooking And Grilling
Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.

Camping Passes
All full weekend and two day passes include camping to the festival. What this means is that you will park your car in the general parking lot and walk or use the gear shuttle to get to the campgrounds.

Car Camping / Rv Camping
If you purchased a car camping pass that means that you have the ability to bring your car into the campgrounds and have it with you at your camp. There is not a separate area for people with car camping passes.

RV passes allow you to park at the RV Hookups that are on site. The RVs will not be stacked next to each other the way they were in previous LIBs but more like a traditional campground. RV placers will direct you to your site when you arrive and they will try and work with you to enable you to be near other friends in RVs whenever possible. They will also reach out via email to provide more info on what can be expected upon arrival. There is additional space around the RV spots so additional tents and even car camping passes can join you. This is not guaranteed but the space is there so try and arrive together or message your friends to let them know where you are.

*PLEASE NOTE: The actual car/rv HANG TAG will be given to you at the box office when you provide your print at home voucher. If you arrive to the festival site without this voucher for your RV or car you will not be permitted to enter the festival camping area.

Camp Sites
All of the campgrounds will be named so you can coordinate with your friends to find out where you want to camp. There is cell service at this venue so meeting up shouldn’t be too difficult. We will put a detailed map on our website prior to the festival so you will be able to coordinate with your friends and plan ahead.

Family Camping
There will be family camping at LIB. Email to let us know you intend to camp in family camp and how many people are in your family so we can be prepared. In your email, include info about whether you have a car or RV camping pass so we can accommodate enough space.

Campground Hosts
The campgrounds will have hosts to assist you and to help make sure you are camping in the appropriate areas as well as answer questions that arise during your LIB experience. They will be stationed throughout the campgrounds which will be indicated on the festival map.  In the event that you need security, medical or law enforcement the hosts at these stations can help you.


Getting Here


LIB’s New Home & Box Office

Lightning in a Bottle 2014 location mapLightning in a Bottle's new home is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco at the beautiful Lake San Antonio Recreation Area. The address for the entrance road is below.

San Antonio Recreation Area
2091 New Pleyto Road
Bradley, CA 93426

All online orders placed before May 14th, 2014 will qualify for wristband shipment prior to the festival.  For online ticket orders placed after May 14th, 2014, attendees, artists, guests, volunteers and participants MUST go to the will call box office located on-site to get their festival wristband and credentials.


*Please do not go to or contact the San Antonio Recreation Area for tickets or event information. Our box office will be open in the schools parking lot during the times posted below. All festival and ticket questions should be directed to the do lab.

Box Office / Gate Hours

Please time your arrival during the posted box office hours. There will not be space for people to wait outside of these hours, and access to the festival is not available when the box office and gate hours are closed.

Thursday May 22nd

10:00am - 11:00pm

Friday May 23rd

9:00am - 11:00pm

Saturday May 24th

10:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday May 25th

10:00am - 8:00pm

Getting into LIB

This year’s arrival experience should be nice and easy. As you arrive to the festival location, please follow these instructions carefully.

* If you did not have your RFID wristbands mailed to you you’ll need to pull into the Box Office upon arrival and pick up your wristbands at WILL CALL. (Follow street signs upon arrival to get to the box office) If one person in your vehicle doesn’t have a wristband on, the entire vehicle will need to go to the box office.

* If EVERYONE in your vehicle has their RFID wristbands on you will pull straight into the main festival gate where our staff will scan your wristbands. Piece of cake, you are in!

Once your wristbands are scanned you will drive into the festival grounds and be directed towards the parking lots. You will have 2 choices here:

1)   Park & Shuttle – – (campgrounds closest to the festival)

This parking lot allows you to park and then load your gear onto our shuttle system where you will be transported into the campsites that are the closest to the stages and festival action. If you’re interested in camping near the Woogie, Lightning Stage or Temple of Consciousness this is the best way to get to these campgrounds.

The Park & Shuttle system will be transporting you to the campsites in order starting with Camp 1 & Camp 2 (Woogie/Lightning Stage), Camp 3 (Temple), Camp 4, etc.. Once Camp 1 is full we will move to Camp 2 and so on.  You will not be allowed to save space for friends so it is important that you arrive together if you intend to camp together. You can walk to other camps if you want but the shuttle will only be making 1 stop at each camp.

You will be able to access your vehicles during the festival, but you will need to walk to them. (About ¾ mile)

The shuttles will only operate for the ingress on Thursday/Friday until the campgrounds are full and they will resume operation early Monday morning to help you depart. If you need to leave the festival before Monday you may want to camp in the Park & Walk campground so you can easily leave.

2)   Park & Walk – – (campgrounds a little further from the festival)

This parking lot allows you to park and walk your camping gear directly to your campsite. Your car will be relatively close to your campsite for easy access, but the walk to the festival grounds is a little longer (1/4 mile). Once the Park & Shuttle campsites are full all vehicles will be directed to the Park & Walk campgrounds.  The shuttles will not service these campgrounds.

* It is important to note that if you want to camp with your friends you will need to arrive at the same time to make sure you can get into the same campgrounds.

Our Shuttle System in 6 Easy Steps!

If you want to camp in the middle of the festival the best way to get there is on our Park & Shuttle system! Here is how it works:

1)   PARK Once your wristbands are scanned and you pass through the main entrance you will follow signs to the parking lot that says PARK & SHUTTLE. The parking staff will direct you to the next available parking space. This parking lot will be separated in groups from A-F. Make a note which parking lot you park in so you can find your vehicle.

2)   WALK After parking your vehicle you’ll gather all of your camping gear and make your way to the nearest shuttle stop. These will be clearly marked inside each parking lot and there will be staff on the ground to help you find it. You may have to walk several hundred feet with your camping gear to get to the shuttle stop so it’s a good idea to bring some wheels to help you along.

3)   WAIT Once you find the shuttle stop hop in line with everyone else and hang tight until the next shuttle rolls around. We have a lot of shuttles so the wait in line should be minimal.

4)   LOAD This year we’re using school busses combined with a large trailer to safely get passengers and their gear to the campgrounds. When the next available shuttle group pulls up you’ll load all of your gear into a storage bay on the trailer. After all of your gear is loaded on the trailer you and your friends will hop on the school bus and wait for the shuttle to depart.

5)   RIDE Enjoy the 10 minute ride to the campgrounds. Quickly make friends.

6)   CAMP You’re now arriving at your new home for the weekend. Unload your gear and make your way to the next available campsite. Our campground management team will be on the ground to help you out. Have fun!

*Pro Tip – Pack your camping gear tight with no loose items. The shuttle system can get crazy at times so to ensure you don’t lose any items make sure they are all packed up tight and together.

*Pro Tip – Label your items to ensure that you don’t lose them. Even that extra pillow you grabbed at the last minute!

* Pro Tip – Bring some wheels to help you trek your stuff on long distances.

Car Camping Passes

If you purchased a Car Camping pass you will have a voucher with a bar code mailed to you with your RFID wristbands. Upon arrival at the main festival entrance your voucher will be scanned and you will be given a Car Camping pass that will allow your vehicle into the campgrounds. From there you will be directed to the next available campsite with space in it. If you arrive early you will be directed to Camp 1-6. Once Camp 1-6 are full you will be directed to the Park & Walk camps, but you will be allowed to pull your vehicle in.

If you purchased a Car Camping pass and it does not arrive in the mail or if you have a pass at Will Call you will need to pick it up at the box office upon arrival.

*Pro Tip! If your group of friends has a Car Camping pass use it to fit as much gear and people as you can so you can all easily get to your campsite together.

*Pro Tip!  Bring a wagon, dolly or some sort of sturdy wheels to help you transport your gear from the shuttle stops to your campsite.




Single occupant vehicles are charged $30 to park in the parking lot. Vehicles with one or more passengers (not including the driver) are granted free parking.

Please carpool! You’ll be able to avoid the $30 parking fee, and you’ll help us lower the event’s carbon impact. It’s important that as few cars as possible bring all your wonderful bodies to the festival.

Find rides on our Ridepost ridesharing board

Top 6 reasons to ride a Lightning Bus to LIB:

1. Go green. Lower the carbon footprint!

2. Let us do the driving. Relax on the way here and meet new friends!

3. There’s enough room for your camping gear! Isn’t that rad?

4. Bypass any lines at the box office by getting credentials while on the bus!

5. Get dropped off and picked up at a central location within campground!

6. All Lightning bus riders get a free LIB water bottle and expedited entry!

Find all the information about the Lightning Bus to LIB from Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego below.

Would you like to get reimbursed for your Bus ticket? We are currently looking for one responsible volunteer from each city per day to serve as a bus manager. This person will be responsible for keeping tally of who makes it onto the bus, as well as arriving early to meet the bus. The qualifying volunteers will have their bus ticket reimbursed. If you are interested please email

Los Angeles - round trip - $70

  • Pick up location near LAX (free shuttle bus from LAX available to pick up spot)

  • 2 pickup times available: Thursday, May 22nd at 12pm & Friday, May 23rd at 10am.

  • Leaves LIB 5/26 at 11am

  • 4-5 hours or 235 miles each way


San Francisco - round trip - $80

  • Pick up location near SFO

  • 2 pickup times available: Thursday, May 22nd at 12pm & Friday, May 23rd at 10am

  • Leaves LIB 5/26 at 11am

  • 3-4 hours or 180 miles each way


San Diego - round trip - $85

  • Pick up location TBD

  • Pickup is Thursday, May 22nd at 11am

  • Leaves LIB 5/26 at 11am

  • 5-6 hours or 355 miles each way



The Chumash Community

Since the beginning of time and space, the Chumash people have lived in this magical land that is called San Luis Obispo County.

The Chumash are the First Peoples of this land and have thrived as a maritime culture along this coastline enjoying its magnificent beauty.

The Chumash are still a vibrant community, practicing their heritage and culture today.

We are excited to welcome you to LIB and to the land of the Chumash.




Safety and Security



This is an all ages event however anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A legal guardian must have proper documentation.  No exceptions.


The LIB Ranger Team and Medical teams will be on patrol and stationed 24 hours a day throughout the festival in the event you need their assistance.  If you ever need assistance you can contact any LIB staff member, go to the medical stations, info stations or any campground management booth.

Illegal Substances

LIB is a drug free event.  Anyone caught with or doing any illegal substances will be escorted from the event and may face legal consequences.  In addition to our Rangers and Security teams on site the Bradley Sheriff’s will be assisting us onsite throughout the festival in the event that they are needed.


Nudity is strictly prohibited at LIB.  We’re not just a family friendly event but it’s the law.


There are no open fires allowed except in designated fire pits existing in some of the campgrounds.
There is also no fire spinning or fire tools permitted inside of the festival.

Dos AND DoNots


YES  Enclosed propane stoves
YES  Good Vibes
YES  Backpacks
YES  Cameras
YES  Alcohol.  A reasonable amount for personal consumption but only in plastic bottles or cans
YES  Coolers in Campgrounds
YES  Following our simple rules to make this a better place

Your respect of these rules allows us to come back year after year to offer you a new experience!  Thank you!


No public nudity
No glass bottles or glass containers i.e., beer, soda, hard liquor (plastic and cans are ok)
No illegal drugs of any kind
No weapons (including things like machetes for opening coconuts - no weapons at all)
No  fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns
No pets (service animals are ok with documentation)
No fires outside of designated fire pits
No “Space Saving” as in roping off area for your friends who arrive later.  Please arrive together or meet new neighbors.

* Security personnel reserve the right prohibit items seen as harmful, dangerous or not in the best interest of the festival.
** All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search upon entry by Security and Law Enforcement**.

Your LIB Wristband


In order to speed up the festival entry process this year, Lightning in a Bottle will be using a special wristband with a uniquely coded RFID chip embedded inside. Every wristband will be scanned as you enter, and will need to remain on your wrist for the duration of the event. Basically, it will serve as your LIB passport in, around and out of the festival.

Your wristband will take the place of a traditional ticket, and will be automatically shipped to you in advance of the event. Orders will be begin shipping on April 28, 2014. IMPORTANT: Wristbands can only be shipped to the billing address on file with the card provider used to make your purchase.

All orders placed after May 14th, will be held at will call. To claim your wristbands you will need to visit the box office on the weekend of the event.

We want to assure you that the switch from hard tickets to wristbands is with our attendee’s best interest in mind. The Do LaB has no intentions to use this technology other than to better everyone’s LIB experience throughout the weekend. The wristband is made of a durable yet soft, waterproof material that won’t irritate.

Benefits of Wristband Entry

  • Speeding up the entry process at the festival gates

  • Cancelling stolen or scalped tickets

  • Keeping the number of people at the festival as low as it should be, by visually identifying anyone at the festival who does not have a legitimate ticket (wristband) and politely escorting them out

Entrance into LIB

  • Everyone in your vehicle must have a wristband properly applied on their RIGHT wrist prior to arriving. You will not be allowed onto the festival entrance road without your wristband properly applied on your wrist.

  • Wristbands are required at all times on festival grounds. You will be subject to ejection with no refund if you take off or tamper with your wristband for any reason. If you have an issue with your wristband please immediately report to security or customer service.

  • Please do not remove the excess portion of the wristband or tamper with your wristband in any way. Do not cut it, burn it, stretch it or fold it. Altered wristbands will be invalid and any person in possession of an altered wristband will be charged a replacement fee or may be ejected from the festival site.

  • Only orders placed through the LIB website are guaranteed to be authentic. Only wristbands that are received from the official Lightning in a Bottle Festival are guaranteed to be authentic. We do not want any of our fans to be scammed.

Please Be Aware

  • We are not responsible for any counterfeit tickets or wristbands.

  • In addition, any wristbands reported lost or stolen will have their chip deactivated and will not be valid.

  • For your own protection, please do not purchase LIB wristbands from any third party sellers. Fake or deactivated wristbands may look like the real thing but they will be identified by our scanning system at each venue entrance.

  • Those in possession of fake wristbands – or ones reported lost or stolen – will not be admitted to the festival.

If you have any technical questions regarding your credentials, will-call or concerns with your shipment details, please call Elevate customer service at 877-569-7767, Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM Arizona Time or email


For a full list of our general, camping, ticketing, and wristband FAQ CLICK HERE ..

LIB Families

Greetings Families!

We are very excited you are interested in sharing your LIB experience with your beautiful family. We are proud to consider ourselves a family friendly event. In addition to family camp, we offer a wide variety of family appropriate programming throughout the weekend.  More information on this will be released in the new few months.

If you would like to register for family camp, please follow this link to provide us the necessary information. Registering for camp does not guarantee exact location in family camp, however it does help us allocate enough space and give our campground managers a heads up.

Register for Family Camp here

Families at LIB questions? Please check out the families FAQ on our FAQ page.

LIB Kids & Families Facebook group: click here.



Lightning in a Bottle is accessible to all guests with disabilities.  It is our goal to continually make the festival more accessible to all guests with disabilities, and we thank you for your support and participation.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The venue is fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities with the assistance of our ADA Compliance team. ADA camping/parking is conveniently located near the main points of activity. Thus there are accessible pathways between this reserved campsite, the vendor village, and almost all of the stages.  There is a steep hill which separates this area from the Woogie Stage and Temple of Consciousness. Our ADA team will provide transportation over this terrain for disabled patrons who need assistance. To request a ride, please visit the Access Center.

  • Access Center: All questions, which involve patrons with disabilities, can be answered at our access center/primary information center.  The location of this information center will be at Camp/ICE/EMS.  Additionally this is the location to recharge wheelchair batteries or the other assistive technology requiring electrical recharging.

  • ATM’s and Concessions are fully accessible and located throughout the venue.  If assistance is required please confer with a festival staff member.

  • Parking: A separate ADA lot will be available for patrons with a handicap placard and the applicable proof that that placard belongs to them.  Please follow signage or ask staff upon entering the festival how to access this lot.

  • Camping:  For disabled patrons who are camping, there is a camping lot with close proximity to the festival entrance.  At this camping location, power will be provided for assistive technology.  To gain access to this lot, a handicap placard and paperwork to show that it belongs to person requesting access will be required, in addition to a camping pass.  For campers in RV’s please contact us in advance at

  • First Aid: We have several First Aid locations that are noted on the festival maps.  Professional medical staff can help you with your medical needs there at these locations.

  • Viewing Platform:  On the main stage, a small viewing platform will be made available to disabled patrons who may need to see above the crowd.  For entrance to the platform please visit the access center.

  • Any further questions or comments: In continually trying to make our festival more accessible we encourage you to contact us at for any of your ADA needs.  Additionally if you have any questions about policies or our services please contact us.

**Once onsite if you have additional questions don’t hesitate to talk with LIB’s ADA Compliance Director Austin Whitney.


Greetings to members of our ASL (America Sign Language) Family.  We are excited to announce that this is the first year that we will have professional ASL interpreters at LIB!  We are beginning to bring visual access to our stages, workshops, and lectures for our Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Visually Oriented community members.  This year we will have a select few interpreters to facilitate access to our event and we want YOUR requests! Want to see your favorite band?  Want to see an interesting speaker? Join a workshop? Try some Yoga? LET US KNOW!

If you require an ASL interpreter please send an email to with the

subject line: “LIB Interpreter Request.” Please include your name, the workshop/ band/ lecture/ yoga class you wish to attend and the best time and way (email, VP, etc.) to contact you back with further details.

As this is our first year, our resources are limited but we want your input! Your requests help us to get more resources for future festivals <3

Love and Blessings,

The ADA team and LIB.

Headdresses & Cultural Appropriation

Why do people sometimes dress up like “Indians”?

There are some important things to think about when tossing on that war bonnet…

  • Do you know which tribe uses that headdress and for what?

  • Did the person who sold it have permission to recreate and profit from it?

  • Is it a plastic one made to imitate a standardized stereotype of headdress?

  • Do you feel you are simply borrowing from a culture’s style because you think it’s awesome or that it’s a harmless case of flattery?

  • If a Native person sees you in an Indian headdress, will you feel awkward?

  • Would you rock a blackface or a swastika at a party? How is this different?

Taking off the headdress is about respecting the realities faced by Native Peoples today.

Native peoples are still here, fighting for basic human & religious rights, and for respect.  But because the majority of society learns about Native cultures in textbooks, cartoons, and movies, the realities they face and even their existence remains invisible.  At Halloween, “Indian costumes” are sold alongside Spiderman, mermaids, and fictional characters.  Many of us grew up playing cowboys and indians or watching sports that have indian mascots.  These experiences support the entitlement of non-native people to reenact our storybook versions of exotic, romanticized stereotypes (noble savage, warriors, pristine environmentalists, shamans or magic indians).  It is a kind of American Indian image painted by white oppressors.  So sporting that headdress means being a walking representative of 500+ years of colonialism and racism, perpetuating stereotypes that native people have been fighting against for just as long.

A Note on Spiritual Practice…

In pretty much every corner of the Earth, our own ancestors faced oppression against spiritual knowledge, as our tribal communities and the earth worshipping traditions assimilated to the dominant cultural. Many came to America to escape religious oppression.  We are all indigenous to the Earth. 

However, some of us have more privileges: race, class, gender, sexual orientation, being able-bodied, etc.  These privileges affect peoples’ access to power & resources that affect our livelihoods.  Before thinking that America is a melting pot, visualize a tossed salad of heritage and tradition.   We need to come together.  But before we can just do that, we’ve got some work to do.

We do not need to take on the earth-based spirituality of Native peoples to fulfill our feeling of cultural & spiritual lack.  A growing number of us are looking to our own roots and inside ourselves to recover and remember the ancient earth-based knowledge and spiritual wisdom of each of our ancestors.  Now can mark a beginning journey of consciously deepening our understanding and honoring our ancestors traditions.

Beyond the indian Headdress

Wanna really pay tribute to Native people?  Connect with 500+ years of Indigenous people’s resistance.

The world’s last remaining resources and pristine areas are also where indigenous communities live and are being targeted for the last dregs of ‘resources’.  Indigenous communities, by fighting to protect their traditional ways & resisting further assaults on on their ancestral homelands & sovereignty are leading the struggle to protect Mother Earth.  

Victory in reclaiming the earth will require a broad movement that can help bridge cultures, issues, and nations.  It is more critical now than ever to support these front-line communities as they protect their homelands from desecration!  As we recognize connections among our various issues, a new kind of movement can emerge, one that is larger, deeper and more powerful than anything we have seen yet.  Indigenous peoples’ voices and experiences are essential and central to our collective survival amongst global environment, ecological, and political catastrophes.  Their win is our win.  By learning about how to be an ally to these leaders we can help create the space for the massive changes that we all long for….

Photography Policy

By attending Lightning In A Bottle (the “ Festival” ) you consent to being filmed and or photographed, whereas your image, voice, and likeness may be used by The Do LaB for Festival promotional purposes.

Any photography or video taken at the Festival, whether in digital or analog format, is subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to The Do LaB for use in promotional purposes.

Any artwork or performances sponsored by the Festival or taking place on Festival grounds is also subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to The Do LaB for use in promotional purposes..
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