Getting Here

Getting Here


LIB’s New Home & Box Office

Lightning in a Bottle 2014 location mapLightning in a Bottle's new home is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco at the beautiful Lake San Antonio Recreation Area. The address for the entrance road is below.

San Antonio Recreation Area
2091 New Pleyto Road
Bradley, CA 93426

All online orders placed before May 14th, 2014 will qualify for wristband shipment prior to the festival.  For online ticket orders placed after May 14th, 2014, attendees, artists, guests, volunteers and participants MUST go to the will call box office located on-site to get their festival wristband and credentials.


*Please do not go to or contact the San Antonio Recreation Area for tickets or event information. Our box office will be open in the schools parking lot during the times posted below. All festival and ticket questions should be directed to the do lab.

Box Office / Gate Hours

Please time your arrival during the posted box office hours. There will not be space for people to wait outside of these hours, and access to the festival is not available when the box office and gate hours are closed.

Thursday May 22nd

10:00am - 11:00pm

Friday May 23rd

9:00am - 11:00pm

Saturday May 24th

10:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday May 25th

10:00am - 8:00pm

Getting into LIB

This year’s arrival experience should be nice and easy. As you arrive to the festival location, please follow these instructions carefully.

* If you did not have your RFID wristbands mailed to you you’ll need to pull into the Box Office upon arrival and pick up your wristbands at WILL CALL. (Follow street signs upon arrival to get to the box office) If one person in your vehicle doesn’t have a wristband on, the entire vehicle will need to go to the box office.

* If EVERYONE in your vehicle has their RFID wristbands on you will pull straight into the main festival gate where our staff will scan your wristbands. Piece of cake, you are in!

Once your wristbands are scanned you will drive into the festival grounds and be directed towards the parking lots. You will have 2 choices here:

1)   Park & Shuttle – – (campgrounds closest to the festival)

This parking lot allows you to park and then load your gear onto our shuttle system where you will be transported into the campsites that are the closest to the stages and festival action. If you’re interested in camping near the Woogie, Lightning Stage or Temple of Consciousness this is the best way to get to these campgrounds.

The Park & Shuttle system will be transporting you to the campsites in order starting with Camp 1 & Camp 2 (Woogie/Lightning Stage), Camp 3 (Temple), Camp 4, etc.. Once Camp 1 is full we will move to Camp 2 and so on.  You will not be allowed to save space for friends so it is important that you arrive together if you intend to camp together. You can walk to other camps if you want but the shuttle will only be making 1 stop at each camp.

You will be able to access your vehicles during the festival, but you will need to walk to them. (About ¾ mile)

The shuttles will only operate for the ingress on Thursday/Friday until the campgrounds are full and they will resume operation early Monday morning to help you depart. If you need to leave the festival before Monday you may want to camp in the Park & Walk campground so you can easily leave.

2)   Park & Walk – – (campgrounds a little further from the festival)

This parking lot allows you to park and walk your camping gear directly to your campsite. Your car will be relatively close to your campsite for easy access, but the walk to the festival grounds is a little longer (1/4 mile). Once the Park & Shuttle campsites are full all vehicles will be directed to the Park & Walk campgrounds.  The shuttles will not service these campgrounds.

* It is important to note that if you want to camp with your friends you will need to arrive at the same time to make sure you can get into the same campgrounds.

Our Shuttle System in 6 Easy Steps!

If you want to camp in the middle of the festival the best way to get there is on our Park & Shuttle system! Here is how it works:

1)   PARK Once your wristbands are scanned and you pass through the main entrance you will follow signs to the parking lot that says PARK & SHUTTLE. The parking staff will direct you to the next available parking space. This parking lot will be separated in groups from A-F. Make a note which parking lot you park in so you can find your vehicle.

2)   WALK After parking your vehicle you’ll gather all of your camping gear and make your way to the nearest shuttle stop. These will be clearly marked inside each parking lot and there will be staff on the ground to help you find it. You may have to walk several hundred feet with your camping gear to get to the shuttle stop so it’s a good idea to bring some wheels to help you along.

3)   WAIT Once you find the shuttle stop hop in line with everyone else and hang tight until the next shuttle rolls around. We have a lot of shuttles so the wait in line should be minimal.

4)   LOAD This year we’re using school busses combined with a large trailer to safely get passengers and their gear to the campgrounds. When the next available shuttle group pulls up you’ll load all of your gear into a storage bay on the trailer. After all of your gear is loaded on the trailer you and your friends will hop on the school bus and wait for the shuttle to depart.

5)   RIDE Enjoy the 10 minute ride to the campgrounds. Quickly make friends.

6)   CAMP You’re now arriving at your new home for the weekend. Unload your gear and make your way to the next available campsite. Our campground management team will be on the ground to help you out. Have fun!

*Pro Tip – Pack your camping gear tight with no loose items. The shuttle system can get crazy at times so to ensure you don’t lose any items make sure they are all packed up tight and together.

*Pro Tip – Label your items to ensure that you don’t lose them. Even that extra pillow you grabbed at the last minute!

* Pro Tip – Bring some wheels to help you trek your stuff on long distances.

Car Camping Passes

If you purchased a Car Camping pass you will have a voucher with a bar code mailed to you with your RFID wristbands. Upon arrival at the main festival entrance your voucher will be scanned and you will be given a Car Camping pass that will allow your vehicle into the campgrounds. From there you will be directed to the next available campsite with space in it. If you arrive early you will be directed to Camp 1-6. Once Camp 1-6 are full you will be directed to the Park & Walk camps, but you will be allowed to pull your vehicle in.

If you purchased a Car Camping pass and it does not arrive in the mail or if you have a pass at Will Call you will need to pick it up at the box office upon arrival.

*Pro Tip! If your group of friends has a Car Camping pass use it to fit as much gear and people as you can so you can all easily get to your campsite together.

*Pro Tip!  Bring a wagon, dolly or some sort of sturdy wheels to help you transport your gear from the shuttle stops to your campsite.




Single occupant vehicles are charged $30 to park in the parking lot. Vehicles with one or more passengers (not including the driver) are granted free parking.

Please carpool! You’ll be able to avoid the $30 parking fee, and you’ll help us lower the event’s carbon impact. It’s important that as few cars as possible bring all your wonderful bodies to the festival.

Find rides on our Ridepost ridesharing board

Top 6 reasons to ride a Lightning Bus to LIB:

1. Go green. Lower the carbon footprint!

2. Let us do the driving. Relax on the way here and meet new friends!

3. There’s enough room for your camping gear! Isn’t that rad?

4. Bypass any lines at the box office by getting credentials while on the bus!

5. Get dropped off and picked up at a central location within campground!

6. All Lightning bus riders get a free LIB water bottle and expedited entry!

Find all the information about the Lightning Bus to LIB from Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego below.

Would you like to get reimbursed for your Bus ticket? We are currently looking for one responsible volunteer from each city per day to serve as a bus manager. This person will be responsible for keeping tally of who makes it onto the bus, as well as arriving early to meet the bus. The qualifying volunteers will have their bus ticket reimbursed. If you are interested please email

Los Angeles - round trip - $70

  • Pick up location near LAX (free shuttle bus from LAX available to pick up spot)

  • 2 pickup times available: Thursday, May 22nd at 12pm & Friday, May 23rd at 10am.

  • Leaves LIB 5/26 at 11am

  • 4-5 hours or 235 miles each way


San Francisco - round trip - $80

  • Pick up location near SFO

  • 2 pickup times available: Thursday, May 22nd at 12pm & Friday, May 23rd at 10am

  • Leaves LIB 5/26 at 11am

  • 3-4 hours or 180 miles each way


San Diego - round trip - $85

  • Pick up location TBD

  • Pickup is Thursday, May 22nd at 11am

  • Leaves LIB 5/26 at 11am

  • 5-6 hours or 355 miles each way


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