Lightning in a Bottle is accessible to all guests with disabilities.  It is our goal to continually make the festival more accessible to all guests with disabilities, and we thank you for your support and participation.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The venue is fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities with the assistance of our ADA Compliance team. ADA camping/parking is conveniently located near the main points of activity. Thus there are accessible pathways between this reserved campsite, the vendor village, and almost all of the stages.  There is a steep hill which separates this area from the Woogie Stage and Temple of Consciousness. Our ADA team will provide transportation over this terrain for disabled patrons who need assistance. To request a ride, please visit the Access Center.

  • Access Center: All questions, which involve patrons with disabilities, can be answered at our access center/primary information center.  The location of this information center will be at Camp/ICE/EMS.  Additionally this is the location to recharge wheelchair batteries or the other assistive technology requiring electrical recharging.

  • ATM’s and Concessions are fully accessible and located throughout the venue.  If assistance is required please confer with a festival staff member.

  • Parking: A separate ADA lot will be available for patrons with a handicap placard and the applicable proof that that placard belongs to them.  Please follow signage or ask staff upon entering the festival how to access this lot.

  • Camping:  For disabled patrons who are camping, there is a camping lot with close proximity to the festival entrance.  At this camping location, power will be provided for assistive technology.  To gain access to this lot, a handicap placard and paperwork to show that it belongs to person requesting access will be required, in addition to a camping pass.  For campers in RV’s please contact us in advance at

  • First Aid: We have several First Aid locations that are noted on the festival maps.  Professional medical staff can help you with your medical needs there at these locations.

  • Viewing Platform:  On the main stage, a small viewing platform will be made available to disabled patrons who may need to see above the crowd.  For entrance to the platform please visit the access center.

  • Any further questions or comments: In continually trying to make our festival more accessible we encourage you to contact us at for any of your ADA needs.  Additionally if you have any questions about policies or our services please contact us.

**Once onsite if you have additional questions don’t hesitate to talk with LIB’s ADA Compliance Director Austin Whitney.


Greetings to members of our ASL (America Sign Language) Family.  We are excited to announce that this is the first year that we will have professional ASL interpreters at LIB!  We are beginning to bring visual access to our stages, workshops, and lectures for our Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Visually Oriented community members.  This year we will have a select few interpreters to facilitate access to our event and we want YOUR requests! Want to see your favorite band?  Want to see an interesting speaker? Join a workshop? Try some Yoga? LET US KNOW!

If you require an ASL interpreter please send an email to with the

subject line: “LIB Interpreter Request.” Please include your name, the workshop/ band/ lecture/ yoga class you wish to attend and the best time and way (email, VP, etc.) to contact you back with further details.

As this is our first year, our resources are limited but we want your input! Your requests help us to get more resources for future festivals <3

Love and Blessings,

The ADA team and LIB.
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